03. Custody
Welcome to OSL Digital Securities Limited, the world's first SFC-licensed, listed*, Big-4 audited and insured digital asset platform. Your trusted gateway to digital asset capital markets.
*OSL is a member of BC Technology Group (HKSE 863)
OSL is regulated as a virtual asset service provider to operate automated trading service, including security tokens ("STOs") under a license for Type 7 (automated trading service (ATS)) from the Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) virtual asset licensing framework in Hong Kong. OSL Exchange offers a complete market solution with performance, security, liquidity and compliance for professional investors (individuals, corporates and institutions)*.
Insured custody for digital asset holdings, including comprehensive protection of customer assets for cold wallets.
  • OSL provides industry leading insured custody for digital assets, including comprehensive protection of customer assets for cold wallets and insurance for loss, damage, destruction, or theft of digital assets
  • The custody solution utilizes state-of-the-art encryption, private key protection, and multi-layer authentication
  • Customized wallet solutions available, allowing customers to integrate with industrial wallets or manage own cold storage
  • Hardware is housed in US Department of Defense-certified high-security, cold storage vaults with 24/7 surveillance and audited operation and control protocols, surpassing the most rigorous industry standards