OSL is committed to providing the market with the insights and perspectives that are shaping the digital asset markets.

We have various channels dedicated to this thought leadership and welcome you to subscribe or register your interest to be a part of upcoming events, forums and webinars.

Trader View Daily Updates

OSL is one of the world’s largest digital asset prime brokers and OTC trading desks. Our Trader View newsletters (Daily Update) aim to provide you a summary of market activity, trends from the desk, and the news that caught our eye. Once subscribed, you can also receive our daily Trader View newsletter through email.

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Market Insights

The markets are dynamic and our experts routinely offer their perspectives on the factors that are influencing the digital asset markets and weigh in on how these dynamics may impact you. From regulations to product development and key digital asset events to macro-economic forces our insights are designed to appeal to traders regardless of experience.

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OSL hosts a myriad of forums and webinars and has made many of these sessions available following the event. With contributions from OSL experts and industry thought leaders you’ll get a rounded view of the current markets and the future of digital assets on our YouTube channel.

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