OSL and PolyU Business School Establish Web 3.0 AI Research Centre to Support AI and Tokenisation

(Hong Kong, 20 September 2023) — OSL, a recognised leader in the digital asset sector and one of the first to secure licensing, under the BC Technology Group (863.HK), is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Faculty of Business, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU Business School, “PBS”). Together, they are establishing a Web 3.0 research centre, focusing on advancements in AI and tokenisation. This initiative, among the first in the region, showcases Hong Kong’s commitment to contemporary technology and education, aiming to make a positive impact on the Web 3.0 and Artificial Intelligence (“Web 3.0 AI”) domains.

Education for the Future: A Step Forward in Development

Hong Kong’s proactive stance on Web 3.0 development has attracted attention, bolstered by consistent government support. This partnership highlights PBS’s pivotal role, tapping into its distinguished academics and the promising talents from its globally acclaimed Doctor of Business Administration and Doctor of FinTech programmes. These graduates are set to become key contributors to the research centre, offering innovative insights and advanced expertise. The collaboration is a testament to the synergy between academia and industry, preparing students with the essential knowledge and skills for the dynamic digital era. Additionally, it paves the way for these emerging professionals to collaborate with commercial entities, enriching their educational journey.

“Partnering with OSL not only forges a connection between academia and industry but also heralds a renewed focus on educational excellence in Hong Kong,” commented Professor Brian Kei, Fintech Practitioner at the School of Accounting and Finance, PolyU. “We’re poised at the cusp of this transformative phase, shaping the nexus of technology and education.”

Regulatory Leadership: OSL’s Commitment to the Partnership

OSL has been instrumental in shaping industry compliance and regulations. Their dedication to regulatory adherence ensures investor protection and sets a high bar for the industry. With the recent introduction of the AI initiative, OSL further demonstrates its leadership, applying AI to address real-world business challenges.

“OSL’s extensive experience and progressive vision are key in steering this collaboration,” noted Ken Lo, Deputy Chairman of BC Group. “Together with PBS, our focus is to amplify Web 3.0 and digital asset endeavours, bolstering Hong Kong’s stature in the international tech landscape.”

This partnership signifies a forward move in Hong Kong’s technological and educational realms. By centring on Web 3.0 and digital assets, the city is gearing up for upcoming innovations in the sector. An imminent launch event will shed more light on this collaborative venture.

About OSL

Backed by Asia’s leading public fintech and digital asset company, OSL Group (863.HK), formerly BC Technology Group, OSL is the world’s first SFC-licensed and insured digital asset platform. Founded in 2018, OSL has an established history in the sector and is recognised by many as the leader in providing comprehensive regulated and licensed digital asset solutions.

OSL offers Markets services (brokerage, exchange, and custody) and SaaS technology solutions, which deliver institutional clients in addition to professional and retail investors access to global liquidity through its best-in-class digital asset platform. OSL’s secured and insured hot and cold wallet infrastructure also ensures the safekeeping of digital assets with timely transaction settlements.

As the digital asset industry continues to evolve, so does OSL. OSL’s simple and tailored approach compliantly navigates international clients through the evolving digital assets environment.

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