OSL Survey Reveals 76.9% of Respondents Plan to Invest in Spot BTC/ETH ETFs in Hong Kong

(Hong Kong, 29 April 2024) – As anticipation builds for the launch of Hong Kong's first spot Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) ETFs, OSL, a leading licensed digital asset platform and a core entity of OSL Group (863.HK), today shared insights from its comprehensive “Hong Kong Spot Crypto ETFs Investor Sentiment Survey”. Gathering responses from a wide range of local investors over seven days, the survey illuminates investor enthusiasm and expectations ahead of this groundbreaking financial development.

Key Findings:

  • A robust 97.1% of respondents have previously invested in digital assets, indicating a deep-rooted familiarity with BTC and ETH among the participants.

  • An impressive 95.2% of respondents are aware of the upcoming launch of spot BTC/ETH ETFs in Hong Kong.

  • 76.9% of those surveyed expressed their intention to include spot BTC/ETH ETFs in their investment portfolios. Among them, 54.8% plan to invest in both BTC and ETH ETFs, while the percentage of investing only in the ETH ETF is merely 1.9%. 

  • An overwhelming 98% of respondents believe that the launch of Hong Kong’s spot BTC/ETH ETFs will positively impact the prices of BTC and ETH.

Gary Tiu, Executive Director and Head of Regulatory Affairs of OSL remarked, “The enthusiastic response from investors regarding both BTC and ETH ETFs reflects a deep-seated optimism about the potential of these products to enhance the financial landscape. This positive investor sentiment powerfully points to the growing acceptance and importance of digital assets in the region’s economy, and Hong Kong is once again marking its place as the digital asset hub.”

Balanced Investor Enthusiasm Bolsters Hong Kong's Role as a Premier Digital Asset Hub

The survey underscores a significant and balanced interest in both BTC and ETH ETFs among investors. This equal enthusiasm for both of these large-cap tokens highlights their perceived equal investment potential. Such findings are not only indicative of a mature understanding of the diverse opportunities within the digital assets market but also signal strong investor confidence in these new financial instruments. This readiness to engage with both BTC and ETH ETFs suggests a promising horizon for the broader adoption of digital assets in Hong Kong, reinforcing the city’s strategic position as a burgeoning digital asset hub in Asia-Pacific.

Patrick Pan, Chairman of the Board & CEO of OSL, commented, 'The positive response from potential investors reinforces the vital role OSL plays as the first virtual asset trading partner and sub-custodian for two out of the three product issuers in Hong Kong. Our unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance and operational excellence ideally positions us to support these innovative investment vehicles. As we gear up for the launch, we are excited to continue setting benchmarks in the digital asset market and anticipate the upcoming bull market wave with confidence.”

With the imminent introduction of spot BTC and ETH ETFs, OSL is at the forefront of fostering a transformative shift in Hong Kong’s investment landscape. These ETFs promise to cater to the evolving needs of modern investors, setting new standards for transparency and accessibility in the financial sector.

About OSL

Backed by Asia’s leading public fintech and digital asset company, OSL Group (863.HK), formerly BC Technology Group, OSL is the world’s first SFC-licensed and insured digital asset platform. Founded in 2018, OSL has an established history in the sector and is recognised by many as the leader in providing comprehensive regulated and licensed digital asset solutions.

OSL offers Markets services (brokerage, exchange, and custody) and SaaS technology solutions, which deliver institutional clients in addition to professional and retail investors access to global liquidity through its best-in-class digital asset platform. OSL’s secured and insured hot and cold wallet infrastructure also ensures the safekeeping of digital assets with timely transaction settlements.

As the digital asset industry continues to evolve, so does OSL. OSL’s simple and tailored approach compliantly navigates international clients through the evolving digital assets environment.

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