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Our comprehensive suite of solutions enables institutions and professional traders to confidently trade digital assets, offering voice-based, electronic, and API services all in one place.

OSL Brokerage is the preferred choice for institutions and professional traders seeking top-tier digital asset solutions. With a full range of offerings, clients can access institutional-sized liquidity with tight spreads and execute trades on a principal basis. Whether over-the-counter with our round-the-clock expert global sales trading team or electronically through our state-of-the-art RFS (Request for Stream) or RFQ (Request for Quote) capabilities, we guarantee unparalleled trading experiences for our clients.

At OSL, we recognize the importance of seamless and secure trading and strive to provide the most advanced and trustworthy brokerage solutions in the digital asset market.

Regulated and Trusted Digital Asset Brokerage

OSL holds a highly coveted SFC Type 1 (dealing in securities) and AMLO licence , making us a fully regulated virtual asset service provider in Hong Kong. Our brokerage services cater to professional investors, including individuals, corporations, and institutions. Our team of experienced traders, extensive global network, and cutting-edge technology enable us to efficiently match large institutional trades across a diverse range of digital assets, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). With OSL Brokerage, you can have trust in secure and reliable access to the digital asset market.

Streamline Your Trading Experience with RFS & RFQ

At OSL, we recognise the importance of providing flexible and efficient trading options to our clients. That is why we offer both RFS (Request for Stream) and RFQ (Request for Quote) pricing methods to accommodate all types of professional traders.

RFS (Request-for-Stream)

RFQ (Request-for-Quote)

Offering an executable stream of two-sided prices and multiple features

With RFS, you can monitor multiple trading pairs in a single workspace and customize your view by adding or removing pairs. Prices update in real-time, ensuring that you receive the most competitive bid-offer spreads.

With a simple Request for Quote, you can receive a fixed price for a predetermined time, allowing you to confidently execute your trades.

For: More sophisticated traders

For: Traders who 1. Require a fixed price for a short period 2. Look to trade large sizes

At OSL, we strive to make digital asset trading as effortless and profitable as possible. With RFS and RFQ, our clients can choose the best pricing method to meet their individual needs.

Unrivaled OTC Trading with OSL

Experience seamless and secure trading with OSL's Over-the-Counter (OTC) offering. Our clients benefit from unparalleled market liquidity, guaranteed price quotes, and complete privacy, with each trade executed directly against the counterparty. Bid farewell to on-exchange price slippage and order book discovery, and enjoy near-instant settlement for effortless and efficient transactions.


Take charge of your financial future with OSL Exchange. Our institutional-grade platform offers access to spot markets through a shared Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) model, delivering deep liquidity from our worldwide SaaS partners. Experience lightning-fast trades with our ultra-low latency matching engine, accessible through API, browser GUI, and OMS/EMS vendor partners. Remain compliant with our integrated suite of tools, including market surveillance and transaction monitoring, for maximum protection.

Empowering the Future of Digital Asset Trading with OSL's Institutional-grade Exchange

Unlock limitless potential with OSL Exchange. Our institutional-grade system supports lightning-fast trades with ultra-low latency matching and seamless connectivity. Experience secure, efficient, and frictionless digital asset trading with access to deep liquidity, multiple currencies, and a diverse range of tokens. Trust in our commitment to compliance and enjoy competitive spreads and trading block sizes for both retail and institutional investors.

Streamline Your Trading with OSL API Solutions

Seamless Integration with the Latest in REST API Technology

At OSL, we recognize the importance of a smooth and efficient trading experience. That is why our REST API offers a comprehensive range of endpoints that enable you to integrate your systems with ours seamlessly. Whether you need to manage orders, access market data, or transfer funds, our API technology has got you covered, providing full exchange functionality at your fingertips.

Elevate Your Trading with FIX 4.4

Enjoy efficient and familiar trading with OSL's support for the widely used FIX 4.4 protocol. Our platform supports order management and market data, as well as a drop copy service, making it simple for clients who have traded other asset classes to transition to digital assets.

Customize Your Trading Experience with Our Web Interface

Take charge of your trading with OSL's customizable web-based trading application. With modular widgets, professional traders can create the ideal view to meet their specific needs, maximizing their trading success.

Explore Our API Repository for More Information

Discover the full range of OSL's API solutions by visiting our API repository. Our dedicated team is always prepared to assist you in unlocking the power of your trading strategies.