Amend Order <G>

As known as Order Cancel / Replace Request in FIX

The Amend Order <G> message is used to amend an existing order.

TagField NameData TypeReq’dComments
Standard headerYMsgType 35=G
11ClOrdIDstringYUnique identifier of the order as assigned by client.
41OrigClOrdIDstringYClOrdID <11> of the existing order that the amend request want to execute.
37OrderIDstringNUnique identifier for Order as assigned by the Exchange.
44PricefloatCPrice per unit of quantity (e.g. per 1 BTC coin). Not specified for Market orders (40=1).
38OrderQtyfloatYQuantity to trade.
40OrdTypeintYOrder type. Valid values:

1 - Market
2 - Limit
54SideintYSide of order. Valid values:

1 - Buy
2 - Sell
59TimeInForceintNSpecifies how long the order remains in effect before its expiry . Valid values:
0 - Day
1- Good Till Cancel (GTC)
3 - Immediate or Cancel (IOC)
4 - Fill or Kill (FOK)
6 - Good Till Date (GTD)

- Exchange will convert to Day automatically if invalid value detected. For market orders, TimeInForce will be ignored.
- A Day order will expire after 23:59:59 UTC of the same day it was posted on.
60TransactTimetimestampYTime of execution/order creation in UTC i.e. yyyyMMdd-hh:mm:ss:xxx
110MinQtyfloatNMinimum quantity of the order to be executed.
111MaxFloorfloatNMaximum quantity within the order to be shown on the exchange at any given time.
453NoPartyIDsintNA repeating group (↺) which should contain unique combinations of below tags: PartyID <448> PartyIDSource <447> PartyRole<452>
↺ 448PartyIDstringCParty identifier/code. It can be an Exchange firm name or user unique identifier that is the same as Tag <1>. e.g. XXXX_GROUP.
↺ 447PartyIDSourcestringNIdentifies class or source of PartyID <448>
Valid value:

D = Proprietary/Custom code
↺ 452PartyRoleintNIdentifies the type of PartyID <448> Valid values:

1 = Executing Firm
12 = Executing Trader
Standard trailerY