Get Account Information

Return the account information for the client user’s own account, and show account balance of the user in Primary, Exchange and Brokerage.

Primary is used for deposits and withdrawals, i.e. exchange transactions cannot be performed from the “Primary” account.
Exchange is used for trading on exchange. Not available for Custody only users.
Brokerage is used for trading on brokerage, e.g. RFQ or E-Trade. Not available for Custody only users.

Furthermore, there are a few unique account types for each user:

Trade_Ahead_Balance is pre-set nominal value that the customer can trade ahead by.

Available_Balance is defined as Primary_Available_Balance + Exchange_Available_Balance + Brokerage_Availalbe_Balance

Balance + Trade_Ahead_Balance is the sum of Primary_Available_Balance, Exchange_Available_Balance, Brokerage_Available_Balance & Open_Orders_Amount

Open_Orders_Amount is the amount that represents the cumulative value of open orders (including reserved fees) in the exchange that have not been matched yet. This is a field that needs to be derived by calculations.

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