Onboarding Process

To maintain a high level of platform integrity we require users to successfully complete a conformance test to ensure that the user’s implementation conforms to the specification outlined in this document. The certification process will test the message flow that users need.

This table below shows the activities involved:

Obtain source IP from user for UAT and PRODUser
Register order management and settlement accounts for FIX user creation via trading platformUser
Provide FIX conformance test plan to userOSL
Generate CSR key for stunnel certificateUser
Sign the CSR key from user and send back to userOSL
Create FIX session(s) and open stunnel port to FIX engineOSL
Whitelist source IP and port from firewallOSL
Provide stunnel connection detail/FIX credentials to userOSL
User completes conformance testUser
Certify user with the conformance test resultsUser