Cancel Order(s)

Cancel one or more order(s) by order ID(s).


To call this endpoint, the API Key need to have the Place and Manage Orders permission enabled (via OSL website).

errorCode Code Table

ORDER_NOT_FOUNDThe system is not able to find the requested order
CANCEL_REQUEST_SUBMITTEDCancel request submitted
ERROR_ORDER_STATUS_SET_NO_CANCEL_CANCELLEDThe order cannot be cancelled as order is already cancelled
ERROR_ORDER_STATUS_SET_NO_CANCEL_AMENDEDThe order cannot be cancelled as order ID does not exist after it has been amended
ERROR_ORDER_STATUS_SET_NO_CANCEL_MATCHEDThe order cannot be cancelled as it is already fully filled
SYSTEM_ERRORThe state of the order is uncertain
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