Verify New Wallet Address

Initiate a verification request for the newly added personal wallet address, following the instructions provided during wallet submission. Two supported verification methods are available: signing challenge and micropayment.

verificationStatusCode Table

MICROPAYMENT_PENDINGmicropayment verification that's pending
MICROPAYMENT_REJECTEDmicropayment verification that's rejected
MICROPAYMENT_VERIFIEDmicropayment verification that's successful
UNVERIFIEDsigning challenge verification that's not successful and within the maximum allowed attempts (i.e. signing challenge failed for 1st and 2nd time)
SIGNING_CHALLENGE_VERIFIEDsigning challenge verification that's successful
SIGNING_CHALLENGE_REJECTEDsigning challenge verification that's rejected (i.e. signing challenge failed for 3rd time
VERIFICATION_EXPIREDverification request has expired
MANUAL_VERIFIEDwallet address has been manually verified by OSL operator
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