API Summary

Supported API Methods


REST API’s are available for our OSL Exchange users and OSL Brokerage users. Both APIs are expressive and offer a variety of functionality in line with the latest crypto industry standards.


WebSocket API offers market data streams in an easy to process JSON format for both our OSL Exchange users and our OSL Brokerage users.


OSL supports order entry, market data and drop copy using the FIX 4.4 protocol for OSL Exchange users. Connectivity options to our FIX gateway is described in more detail in the FIX section of this library.

Example codes are for demonstration purposes only.

Some aspects may have been simplified for clarity, while some other codes may have been generated automatically. Please ensure you follow established production rollout guidelines before you run your application.

Overview of API Availability

FunctionAvailable SiteREST V3REST V4WebSocketFIX
Brokerage (RFQ)HK, AU✅                    
Brokerage (E-Trade)AU
ExchangeHK✅ (Market Data)
GeneralHK, AU