Cancel Order <F>

As known as Order Cancel Request in FIX

The Order Cancel Request message is used to cancel an existing order with remaining quantity.

TagField NameData TypeReq’dComments
Standard headerYMsgType 35=F
11ClOrdIDstringYThe value of ClOrdID <11> referred in the corresponding OrderCancelRequest (35=F) or OrderCancelReplaceRequest (35=G).
41OrigClOrdIDstringYClOrdID <11> of the existing order that the cancel request want to execute.
37OrderIDstringNUnique identifier for Order as assigned by the Exchange.
38OrderQtyfloatYQuantity to trade.
54SideintYSide of order. Valid values:

1 - Buy
2 - Sell
60TransactTimetimestampYTime of execution/order creation in UTC i.e. yyyyMMdd-hh:mm:ss:xxx
Standard trailerY