Order Cancel Reject <9>

When an order cancellation or order replacement fails, the system will send this message.

TagField NameData TypeReq’dComments
Standard header - OutgoingYMsgType 35=9
11ClOrdIDstringYUnique identifier of the order as assigned by client.
41OrigClOrdIDstringYClOrdID <11> of the existing order that the replace/cancel request want to execute.
37OrderIDstringNUnique identifier for Order as assigned by the Exchange.
39OrdStatusstringYIdentifies current status of order. Valid values:

0 - New
1 - Partially filled
2 - Filled
4 - Cancelled
5 - Replaced
8 - Rejected
C - Expired
102CxlRejReasonintNCode to identify reason for canceling rejection. Valid values:

0 - Too late to cancel
1 - Unknown order
3 - Order already in pending cancel or pending replace status
6 - Duplicated client order ID
99 - Other reasons
434CxlRejResponseTointNIdentifies the type of request that a Cancel Reject <9> is in response to.

Valid values:

1 - Order Cancel Request
2 - Order Cancel/Replace Request
58TextstringYproviding supplemental information on reject reason.
Standard trailerY