Get Settlement Client Transaction Report

Get client's Transactions report in CSV or JSON format. Supported data coverage of the report: 1hour or 24 hours based on client's input.
The Client Transactions report provides a detailed overview of all transactions executed. This report is useful for clients and platform administrators to monitor trading activity, reconcile accounts, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Sample Settlement Transactions Report (CSV )

Field NameDescriptionTypeExample
Trade IDA unique identifier assigned to each trade executed on the digital asset trading platformNumeric575737707
UUIDA unique identifier assigned to each transaction on the platformString10f16513-2bd7-4c39-bd1b-3d29c79f61a5
UsernameThe name or username associated with the user who executed the trade (usually an email address)String[email protected]
EmailThe email address associated with the user who executed the tradeString[email protected]
Site GroupThe group or team associated with the user who executed the tradeStringOSLLC_GROUP
AccountThe account associated with the tradeString0d0be8d3-f8f7-48c6-9c79-4b9493c821a1
AccountGroup NameThe name of the group of accounts associated with the tradeStringDefault
Proxy UserA user who has been authorized to execute trades on behalf of another userString[email protected]
CcyThe currency associated with the transactionStringETH
Trade ReferenceA reference number or identifier associated with the tradeStringCNUAZX
TagA label or category assigned to the tradeString
AmountThe quantity or value of assets involved in the transactionNumeric0.5
FeeThe fee charged for executing the tradeNumeric0
TotalThe total amount of assets involved in the transaction, including feesNumeric0.5
Txn TypeThe type of transaction, such as "Buy" or "Sell"StringFillTransaction
TypeA more specific category that describes the transaction, such as "Limit Order" or "Market Order"StringFILL_DEBIT
StateThe current state of the transaction, such as "Open", "Filled", or "Canceled"StringPROCESSED
Received DateThe date and time the transaction was received by the trading platformTimestamp2023-03-22T04:01:18.000Z
Processed DateThe date and time the transaction was processed by the trading platformTimestamp2023-03-22T04:01:18.000Z
Original TxnIf the transaction was modified or corrected, this field will contain an unique identifier to the original transactionString10f16513-2bd7-4c39-bd1b-3d29c79f61a5
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