Get All Added Wallet Addresses

Retrieve a list of external personal wallet addresses added to the client's user profile, along with associated details such as wallet name aliases, addresses, verification statuses, and more.

statusCode Table

MICROPAYMENT_PENDINGmicropayment verification that's pending
MICROPAYMENT_REJECTEDmicropayment verification that's rejected
MICROPAYMENT_VERIFIEDmicropayment verification that's successful
UNVERIFIEDan wallet address that's not have any verification request pending. e.g. when a wallet address is newly added and doesn't have any micro payment verification request submitted. Or signing challenge verification that's not successful and within the maximum allowed attempts (i.e. signing challenge failed for 1st and 2nd time)
SIGNING_CHALLENGE_VERIFIEDsigning challenge verification that's successful
SIGNING_CHALLENGE_REJECTEDsigning challenge verification that's rejected (i.e. signing challenge failed for 3rd time
VERIFICATION_EXPIREDthe verification has expired
MANUAL_VERIFIEDwallet address has been manually verified by OSL operator
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