Logon <A>

The Logon <A> message authenticates a user and starts a session. It must be the first message sent by any application requesting to initiate a FIX session. A message of the same type will be sent to acknowledge the logon.

TagField NameData TypeReq’dComments
Standard headerYMsgType 35=A
98EncryptMethodintYMethod of encryption. Valid values:

0 - None / other
108HeartBtIntintYHeartbeat interval (seconds).
141ResetSeqNumFlagbooleanNIndicates that both sides of the FIX session should reset sequence numbers. Valid Values:

Y - Yes, reset sequence numbers
N - No (default)
553UsernamestringYUserId (provided during onboarding)
554PasswordstringYPassword (provided during onboarding)
Standard trailerY