Get Currency-Pairs

Get a list of supported currency-pair of the platform. This returns our full coin universe across brokerage and exchange.

Response Body

timestampstringUNIX timestamp in milliseconds. Example: 1632390252603
resultCodestringResult code reflecting the success status of the operation. Example: OK
currencyStatic[currencyStatic]Contains static details of each currency available from the platform. See Currency static object parameters.

Currency static object parameters

currencies[currency]Map of currency and currency settings. See Currency object parameters.
currencyPairs[currencyPair]Map of Currency Pair and Currency Pair Settings. See Currency pair object parameters.

Currency object parameters

decimalsintDecimal place used for trading. Example: 8
minOrderSizedecimalMinimum order size. Example: 0.00020000
maxOrderSizedecimalMaximum order size. Example: 100000.00000000
minOrderValuedecimalMinimum order value. Example: 1.0E-7
maxOrderValuedecimalMinimum order value. Example: 100000000.00000000
maxMarketOrderValuedecimalMaximum market order value. Example: 10.00000000
maxMarketOrderSizedecimalMaximum market order size. Example: 10.00000000
displayDenominatordecimalDisplay denominator. Example: 1000
summaryDecimalsintDecimals place used to display summary. Example: 2
displayUnitstringCurrency unit
symbolstringSymbol of the currency
typestringCRYPTO or FIAT
confirmationThresholdsdecimalConfirmation thresholds
networkFeedecimalStandard network fee
engineSettings[engineSetting]List of engine settings. See Fund engine setting object parameters.
urlPrefixstringUrl prefix to handle the related coin address
digitalCurrencyTypestringCrypto currency type. Example: RIPPLE, RIPPLE_IOU, ETHEREUM, ETHEREUM_TOKEN
assetIdstringCrypto asset ID
assetNamestringCrypto asset Name
assetDivisibilitystringCrypto asset divisibility
assetIconstringCrypto asset icon: location of the asset icon file

Fund engine setting object parameters

depositsEnabledbooleanIf true deposits are enabled
withdrawalsEnabledbooleanIf true withdrawals are enabled
displayEnabledbooleanIf true the currency is visible on the platform. If false, the user should also reflect this in their application and hide the currency.
mobileAccessEnabledbooleanIf mobile access is enabled

Currency pair object parameters

priceDecimalsintDecimals place of price for trading
engineSettings[engineSetting]List of order engine settings. See Order engine setting object parameters
minOrderRatedecimalMinimum order rate
maxOrderRatedecimalMaximum order rate
displayPriceDecimalsintDecimals place of price for display
tradedCcystringTraded currency
settlementCcystringSettlement currency
preferredMarketstringPreferred market

Order engine setting object parameters

tradingEnabledbooleanTrue if trading enabled
displayEnabledbooleanTrue if the currency is visible on the platform web frontend.
cancelOnlybooleanTrue if cancel only
verifyRequiredbooleanTrue if verification required for trading
restrictedBuybooleanTrue if user is restricted from buying the currency pair
restrictedSellbooleanTrue if user is restricted from selling the currency pair
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